BioDownloader is a program for downloading and/or updating files from ftp/http servers. Numerous download applications are available commercially and free of charge. BioDownloader has unique features that are specifically designed to deal with bioinformatics data files and servers. It is focused to work robustly with vast amount of data and very large file sets (~ 10,000 - 100,000). BioDownloader has a very versatile selection of ways  of retrieving only the required files (file masks, ls-lR parsing, recursive search, updates). The application has a built-in tool for post-download file conversion and processing. The program has multiple-task functionality: BioDownloader is capable of processing several download or update tasks simultaneously. While it has a lot of fine-tuned features and sophisticated settings available in the advanced mode, BioDownloader was aimed to have a very intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface allowing the user, who lacks network-specific knowledge, to learn the application step-by-step starting with the basic mode. BioDownloader is able to open/save download tasks and task lists. It easily handles multiple users. Most importantly it has a built-in task repository to download and update the most commonly used bioinformatics databases in just several mouse clicks.

BioDownloader is a Windows® program written in C# and based on .Net technology.

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