ArboDraw  is a program for building and displaying phylogenetic trees of protein sequences. It can import and display dendrogram files in Newick format (generated by MUSCLE, Phylip, clustalw, etc.). Among the key features are the ability to annotate sequences, and to select and color independently various parts of the tree.
A very convenient annotation functionality allows the user to view annotations by placing the mouse above the sequence of interest. Edited and annotated files can be saved and restored at a later time. The user has also full control over the way the tree is rendered and can save the tree display as a picture for further reference or inclusion in a publication. Advanced scaling  and zooming capabilities complement the rich set of productivity features provided by ArboDraw.

The program is also capable to build a phylogenetic tree from a set of sequences provided in FASTA format.

ArboDraw  is a Windows® program written in C# and based on .Net technology.

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