PISCES: A Protein Sequence Culling Server

PISCES has two ways of producing subsets of sequences from larger sets:

Important features of this service:

Access the server to create your own lists
Download precompiled CulledPDB lists (868 Mbytes)

Please cite the following in any work that uses lists provided by PISCES
G. Wang and R. L. Dunbrack, Jr. PISCES: a protein sequence culling server. Bioinformatics, 19:1589-1591, 2003.

Contact us:

Qifang Xu: Qifang.Xu@fccc.edu
Roland Dunbrack: Roland.Dunbrack@fccc.edu

Institute for Cancer Research
Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19111
Last modified: May 29, 2021