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Downloading mixed files from an ftp/http server in one task

Until now we've been discussing how to download files having something in common: specific file extension(s) or mask(s), specific server directory, etc. Here we discuss how to download a set of files having nothing in common except they belong to the same server.


1) Specify the root directory path in the remote server Directory path:


2) Enter file mask matching any file in the File mask:


In case of ftp server:

3.1) Choose 'Reading text file with full-path filenames' in the How to get listing field:


3.2) Check Recursively iterate through all subfolders:


3.3) Check stored locally:


 In case of http server:

3.1) Leave the default 'local file' in the How to get listing field:


3.2) Leave the default 'With extensions in text file' in the Format of remote listing:


 4) Create a plain-text file containing full-path filenames of the mixed files that you want to download (one full-path filename per line):



5) Specify the just-created remote listing file by using the browse button:



*) Define the other required parameters and launch the task:




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Quick task launch

A very convenient way to launch a separate task is to double-click its row in the task list:



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Quick task log browsing

Please hold Shift key and move the mouse cursor over the task rows in the task list:







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