Task status

A task can be found in one of six states:

  1. Not launched
  2. Error
  3. Running
  4. Paused
  5. Aborted
  6. Completed

Not launched

'Not launched' is an initial state of any newly opened or created task. A task can also change its status to 'Not launched' if the user applies any changes to the previously launched task. In that case the task log is cleaned and its status is changed to 'Not launched'. (If the previous task was running the user would have to agree to abort it.)


  A task switches to the 'Error' state if any critical problem arises like the local destination folder doesn't exist, Internet is not accessible, the server didn't respond, the login and/or authorization failed and etc. BioDownloader prevents the user from the most common errors by showing red balloons next to each input field and/or by popping-up error or warning message boxes. If an error has occurred, the user can read the last red-font message in the task log, fix the error(s) and restart the task.


  A task is in the active mode, and it is currently performing a set of actions to download/update the requested files.


A task was manually paused by the user. It was not aborted. The connection with the server was not dropped. The task can be resumed. (Most servers will drop the connection after a timeout expired. In this case after resuming the task, it will fail and the user will have to restart the task to complete it.)


A task was manually aborted by the user. The connection with the server was dropped. The task can be restarted.


A task was successfully completed with what it was requested to do. In some cases a task can successfully finish without downloading any file. It might happen because there were no files to downloaded (wrong mask, empty server folder). In that case the user will be notified about such possible "error" by BioDownloader.

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