Browsing task list

Active task notion

As it was mentioned before, a task list is a set (list) of tasks. In BioDownloader you may have several tasks opened; they are enumerated in the task list. But for the sake of clarity, at the same time only one task can be active and available for viewing, applying task actions, viewing log, editing task settings, accepting the task changes, saving file, saving file as and etc.

The currently active task is highlighted. The first tab page is named with its filename. The Main Window title also has the filename of the currently active task.

For example:

a) The first task, "mmCif_all.task" is active for viewing, applying actions and etc.:


b) The forth task, "NMR_restraints_zipped_all.task" is active for viewing, modifications, launch, etc.:


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Task list browsing.

The user can activate any task from the task list. There are three ways how to do this:

A) To bring the active focus to a task the user should click the corresponding row in the task list (single left-button mouse click):







B) Right-click on the required task. A popup menu with actions associated with the selected task will be shown. To make the task active choose View from the popup menu list:



C) Quick task browsing: please hold Ctrl key and move the mouse cursor over task rows in the task list:







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