Launching a task. Task actions .

Launching a task:

1) Make a task active:


2) Click Launch on the first tab page using a button from either Current task toolbar or Tabs section:


3) After the click, the task will be launched and the Log tab page will be automatically selected:


To launch another task repeat steps 1-3:


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Task Actions :

The whole set of possible actions:


  • Launch -- launches a task
  • Abort -- aborts a task
  • Restart -- restarts a task
  • Pause -- pauses a task
  • Resume -- resumes a task
  • Remove -- removes a task from the task list
  • Apply -- applies changes made to a task
  • Clone -- makes a copy of a task
  • View -- makes a task active
  • Log report -- shows a task report

Depending on the task status a set of actions is available for each task:

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How to perform an action.

There are three ways how to initiate an action:

Make a task active first:

1) Task Action


2) Click a button from Task toolbar on the first tab page:


Task activation is not required:

3) Right click a task row from the task list to show Task Popup Menu:


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