New/modified task: Saving / Saving As

Saving a task

Like in any document-oriented application, when the user creates a new task it has a default filename (Untitled1.task, Untitled2.task, Untitled3.task and etc). When you make changes to a task and then apply the changes, the task isn't yet saved to the storage device (hard disk, floppy disk, etc). If you wish to save the task for subsequent reuse (during subsequent BioDownloader runs), you have to save a task to the storage device:




You will be prompted for the filename and its location. We strongly recommend to give a new task a meaningful filename:


You may save a new task to its default location ApplicationFolder\Tasks\Custom:


or wherever you want:

After task saving, the Save button becomes disabled notifying the user there were no unsaved task changes since the last saving:



When some task modifications are done, the Save button becomes active again and the user has an option to save the last changes:



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Saving a task As

At any stage you can save a task under a different filename and location by clicking Save As button:




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