Multiple tasks. Task list.

In the most basic scenario, the user has only one task to download/update the required files:


When the task is launched the first time, BioDownloader downloads all requested files available at that time:



Later, from time to time the user opens the application using the user name and updates the files issued since the first download or last update:




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BioDownloader is a multiple-process application, so that it can work with multiple tasks at the same time. To support multiple tasks BioDownloader operates with a concept of task list. A task list is a set of tasks.

When the user opens the application for the first time the task list is empty:


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The task list can be populated with tasks, and can hold one or more tasks:


In the case of the most basic scenario described above the user has a task list containing a single task. The task list can be populated with several tasks associated with different remote servers and research projects. Any task in the task list can be handled independently from others: be launched, aborted, paused, and completed and so on:


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