Masks tab page

When the user creates a new task, a very important step is to define what files have to be downloaded / updated. In this step the user has to carefully construct the file mask, for example all files with txt extension: *.txt, or all files starting with pdb, having exactly any four characters in the middle of the filename and ending with ent extension: pdb????.ent.

But what if the user wants to download any files that satisfy either of several file masks?

BioDownloader provides this feature only in the Advanced interface mode. To enter multiple file masks the user should go to the Masks tab page.

Click Masks tab page:


Or click ... more button next to the File Mask input field on the first tab page:


The Masks tab page will be shown:


Populate the table of file masks and filenames:


There are a lot of controls to facilitate the mask input. Please use the built-in application help for more details on what they mean.

When you are done, return to the first tab page:




In the File mask field on the first tab page you will have:


This informs the user that multiple file masks have been entered.

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