BioDownloader Main Window description

After you selected a new user name, you will see the main window of BioDownloader :

Window title
Main menu
Main toolbar
Current task toolbar
Tabs section
Color codes and task list progress
Task list (here empty)
Control help display

In the Window title you are provided with the name of the current task list and the filename of the currently focus-active task selected from the task list. On the screenshot they are 'Larry.autosave.list' and 'No task' respectively since the current user is 'Larry' and no active task is chosen.

Main menu consists of Task, List, User, Tools and Help.

Main toolbar gathers the most common elements: creating a new task, opening a previously-saved task (*.task), adding task(s) from the provided task repository, saving the current task, saving the current task under a different name, opening a post-download Files conversion/processing tool window, switching the application interface mode between Basic (for beginners) and Advanced (for experienced users).

Tabs contains tab pages associated with the current active task: download settings tab page, Masks tab page (visible only in Advanced mode), Log tab page and Quick help tab page.

Current task toolbar represents actions available for the currently-active task.

Tabs section provides form space for one of the tab pages.

Color codes and task list progress serves as a memo for the task color codes and provides the current task list progress in terms of successfully completed tasks and processed files.

Task list includes all tasks opened and/or created and/or added from Repository.

Control help display is your immediate assistant. When you move the mouse cursor over an application control, it immediately provides the help associated with that control. Besides that there are numerous tool tips available when you place the mouse control over a control for a while. The user can press F1 at any time to read help from Manual for the contol currently holding the focus.

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