Exploring Log tab page in detail

The second tab in Tabs is Log tab page. Here you find descriptive information about progress of a download/update task.


At the top there is a list of remote server files that were requested to be downloaded onto the user's local computer. Each icon reflects the download status of a file. You can switch to other representations by using a right-click pop-up menu:



When the number of remote files is too high, the user can use the slider to scroll through the list pages:


At the bottom of the Log tab page, the user can read the task progress messages in the text box:


If for some reason the task failed, it interrupts its execution, and the last messages of this text box describe what error was incurred:


The user can specify the behavior of the progress report text box:


The History control sets the maximum number of recent lines to be stored in the text box. If the value is 0 then the text box may contain an unlimited number of  lines. The default value is 250 lines.

The Auto scroll checkbox, when checked, automatically scrolls down the text box to the most recent progress message during the task running.

Wrap lines checkbox, when checked, makes lines wrap and fit within the text box width, and removes the horizontal scroll bar.

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